Cookies reset with htaccess

In this article i put some commands for htaccess to reset cookies from client browser, but first.. What is htaccess?

.htaccess is a configuration file for use on web servers running the Apache Web Server software. When a .htaccess file is placed in a directory which is in turn ‘loaded via the Apache Web Server’, then the .htaccess file is detected and executed by the Apache Web Server software. These .htaccess files can be used to alter the configuration of the Apache Web Server software to enable/disable additional functionality and features that the Apache Web Server software has to offer. These facilities include basic redirect functionality, for instance if a 404 file not found error occurs, or for more advanced functions such as content password protection or image hot link prevention.

Easy commands for .htaccess to prevent cookies storage:

Header unset Cookie
Header unset Set-Cookie
RequestHeader unset Cookie

But my best way is this: php_value session.use_cookies 0

Advanced commands for .htaccess to prevent cookies storage:

Set Cookie with environment variable
Header set Set-Cookie “language=%{lang}e; path=/;” env=lang

Set Cookie based on Request. This code sends the Set-Cookie header to create a cookie on the client with the value of a matching item in 2nd parentheses.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^(.*)(de|es|fr|it|ja|ru|en)/$ – [co=lang:$]

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Bypassing Windows 7 and 8 password

In this article i show you how easy bypass windows password with Kon-Boot.

Kon-Boot – is an application that modifies the contents of the Windows kernel on the fly / at boot time, bypassing the authorization system and allowing Windows to enter a password-protected user account without a password. What is your favorite password is not overwritten when you restart Windows and the original contents of the nucleus and its authorization procedure restored. Kon-Boot boot from floppy / cd / usb, runs in a quiet mode automatically.

All you need to enter the password-protected account Windows – is to create bootable media with Kon-Boot (or integrate into your multi-boot utility assembly that uses the loader grub), insert the media with Kon-Boot the computer / device with Windows and boot from the media. Technical diagnostics hold after repair, rescue data or to check the security system – easy, simple, quick and easy!

Kon-Boot v2.4

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Connect any laptop to Internet with cell phone

Connect any laptop to Internet with cell phone using bluetooth.

1. First, turn on your laptop and phone bluetooth.
2. Go to “Set Up a Connection or Network” and choose “Connect to a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN)”.
3. Click on the cell phone (if this is don’t show up, click on “Add a device”)

After this my windows 7 scan and download the driver, then, reboot.
After reboot go to, Bluetooth Devices driver, click on your cell phone, the control panel is open and you see the option to connect to internet, is very easy and it’s work wih any laptop and cell phone who have bluetooth.

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